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The Best Partner of Energy, Water and Environment

The Multiple Installation (MI) System Becoming a Worldwide Standard

The catchphrase “the bigger the better” doesn’t always apply to boilers. Relying on a single large boiler can have a number of problems in terms of efficiency, cost, and the environment. MIURA’s Multiple Installation System connects multiple units of small-sized one-through boilers. This requires less water while eliminating the problems of traditional large-sized boilers.

Latest-generation SQ Boiler, 98 percent Boiler Efficiency

The latest-generation SQ boiler has no combustion chamber.
This new fuel technology enables boiler efficiency of more than 98 percent and with NOx discharge less than 28ppm. Additionally, this latest generation boiler succeeds in boiler room space reduction up to 80 percent maximum.

Unique Fins and Superior Corrosion-resistant Economizer

A boiler efficiency of 90 percent has been achieved with MIURA’s proprietary heat transfer fins. This efficiency can be raised to 98 percent with the addition of an economizer. With a reliable steam supply and economical operating costs, this boiler will satisfy your particular steam requirements.

The “Intelligent Boiler” from MIURA : Simple Operation and Multifunction
  • Can view boiler status at a glance, with alert functions that prevent boiler failures.
  • Ignition status, blowdown and other boiler conditions are displayed real-time on the operation panel in an easy-to-read numbers and graphics display.
Space Saving

Our multiple installation system is capable of large load demand. Its compact design saves more space than a flue tube boiler.

MI System : High Efficiency and Excellent Load-Tracking Control

  • Improves system efficiency by operating required boilers only when required.
  • A boiler system can be controlled using just one pressure controller and MI Terminal for each boiler.
  • System expansion can be achieved simply by adding an MI Terminal. (For a maximum of 15 boilers)

MIURA Proposes Water Treatment Optimized for Each Customer

Boilers are involved in various aspects of daily life, providing a continuous steam as a safe and effective heat source, while operating day and night in multiple environments. MIURA proposes the most suitable water management scheme to keep a boiler in good condition for safe use.

Water Treatment Equipment

Water is an essential element for life and industry. MIURA’s industrial water softener provides steady, soft water of excellent quality.

(Fully Automated and User Friendly Operation)
Easy settings during installation enables steady supply of soft water.

(Rich Versatility)
From small to large capacity. Versatile models for every need.

(High Durability)
Rust-resistant plastic and PTFE coating for longer product life.

Water Analysis

Water properties vary from location to location. MIURA coordinates chemical use that suits your water based on our boiler water management knowledge. MIURA analyzes raw water and boiler water (pH, conductivity, M alkalinity, etc) to judge proper water management status while suggesting appropriate advice.

(Hardness Indicator)
Apply indicator drops into the sample water directly from the container. The water color changes immediately after application, allowing you to determine hardness with only a quick glance.


Chemical agent optimizes feed water quality for boilers. All ingredients consist of the materials listed on FDA regulations for enhanced safety in boilers used for food applications.

(Natural Coating Boiler Compound)
Very safe chemical agent comprising of ingredients listed in FDA regulations. Suitable for food processing boilers.
Phosphor free and complies with proper effluent regulations.

Beyond Country Borders, MIURA Boilers Have Become a Trusted Product Worldwide

We provide well-organized support such as maintenance systems that are on the same level as our Japanese systems. We have complied with all entered markets’ environment and safety codes related to our manufacturing license. MIURA’s technology is also highly involved in our drive for energy savings while also contributing to NOx and CO2 reduction.

Free Diagnosis for Energy Saving

For optimum performance, we analyze customer’s usage report data on a daily basis. Furthermore, we report present operational status and any related problems while also suggesting ideas for operational improvement.

Would You Like a Factory Assessment?
→ The efficiency of the whole system matters in the actual operational efficiency, not boiler efficiency alone.

Through more than 25,000 cases of boiler log analyses and factory assessment, MIURA has found that the actual costs are derived from the comparison between effective steam (steam actually used in production facilities) and various costs (costs necessary for steam generation). With this found knowledge, MIURA offers valuable proposals for energy saving and high operating efficiency to our customers.