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High Pressure Once-through Steam Boiler

< SQ Series >

Ultra low CO and Nox emission boiler which gathered the technology of MIURA
  • New combustion control method “High-speed continuous control (i-HV ihub)” realizes additional tracking and steam pressure stability
  • Ultra-low NOx emission of 30 ppm (O2=0% conversion,actual measurement with natural gas)
  • Inverter control for energy efficiency and low noise
  • The environmental load reduction boiler which evolved low carbon to realize society
  • Color-coded indicator shows boiler status at a glance
  • Full use of sensors for greater control

Small Once-through Steam Boiler

< EI/EX/EH Series >

Multi-control system for stable steam supply
  • “Intelligent” control for safe operation
  • Twin water level control
  • Sensor monitors water concentration
  • Comes standard with blowdown alarm and timer

Small Once-through Steam Boiler

< SI Series >

Eco-friendly low NOx boiler
  • High-efficiency combustion with low dust and low air ratio
  • Multi-control system for stable steam supply
  • Inverter control for energy efficiency
  • Supports online maintenance.

Small Once-through Steam Boiler

< GC Series >

Low excess air combustion
  • Simple one-touch fuel change over (natural gas (13A) ←→ kerosene and No. 2 fuel oil)
  • Newly developed low NOx burner (for natural gas 13A only)
  • Space saving

Simple Once-through Steam Boiler

< ME Series >

No emissions
  • Maintains high efficiency with low heat loss
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Safety design features: safety valve and overheat protection thermostat
  • Simple installation without chimn

Simple Once-through Steam Boiler

< SU Series >

Eco-friendly low NOx specification
  • Special sound-absorbing boiler body and low-noise burner for quiet operation
  • Space-saving gas-fired boiler
  • Easy installation

High Pressure Boiler

< CZI Series >

High efficiency even in the realization of large scale
  • Contributes to high efficiency, energy saving and CO2 reduction
  • Simple operation and various functions
  • Online maintenance is available