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Thank you for your continued patronage and support of the MIURA Group.

The history of MIURA began with the development of the Z Boiler in 1959. Since that time, we at MIURA have worked as one to engage in manufacturing what our customers would find useful. And thanks to the support of our customers, MIURA has grown to become the top boiler manufacturer in Japan.

Under our mission of “Helping customers all over the world in energy conservation and environmental preservation,” we are now harnessing the knowledge and experience gained through our boilers to advance a broad range of business ventures. MIURA doesn’t stop in the boiler room; it is now harnessed far and wide, in both industrial plants and everyday life.

We are also aggressively exploring cutting edge fields such as fuel cells for professional use with an eye towards the world’s unpredictable energy situation, and ballast water management system in response to the rising awareness of environmental conservation. From heat, water, and the environment, to the fields of electricity and air, MIURA’s business ventures are expanding.

The business environment in which MIURA operates is undergoing dramatic changes, including revolutions in power and gas systems and the advent of the hydrogen society.

I am positive these changes will provide MIURA with enormous opportunities. In order to harness these opportunities, we will focus even further on developing the people that support our manufacturing. We will verse each and every employee on our mission and provide our customers with total solutions in order to contribute to and meet their expectations for energy conservation and environmental preservation.

President, CEO & CTO : YONEDA Tsuyoshi

MIURA Group Corporate Activity Codes

1) Compliance with Regulations

  • We not only comply with domestic and overseas regulations, but also perform activities fairly and sincerely according to corporate ethics.
  • We respect national or regional culture / customs in international business activities.

2) Emphasis on Safety

  • We put the first priority on safety in product development.
  • We do our best to create the most worthwhile workplace where employees can work safely and in healthy conditions.

3) Customer Satisfaction / Reliability

  • We produce high quality products / services beneficial to society and customers satisfaction.
  • We aim to pursue the best technological services and to grow a corporation trusted by our customers.

4) Respect of Human Rights

  • We respect employees’ individualities and personal qualities and try to realize a free and fair workplace.
  • We do not discriminate against employees on grounds such as race, national origin, tribe, religion, creed, gender or disability.

5) Compliance with Trade Rules

  • We base business activities on fair and free competition.
  • We aim to establish a good relationship with our vendors / customers to be their best partner.

6) Tackling Environmental Problems

  • We develop and provide environmentally friendly products / services to contribute to preservation of global ecology
  • We carefully consider the affects to the environment caused by business activities and try to reduce as many environmental loads and risks as possible.

7) Social Contribution & No Relations with Antisocial Forces

  • We wish to contribute to society as a “good corporate citizen.
  • We never have any relations with organizations or groups associated with antisocial activities.

8) Disclosure of Corporate Profiles & Information Management

  • We disclose appropriate and timely corporate information in an effort to be an open corporation.
  • We safeguard personal information and any confidential information with utmost care.